Training And Induction Video

Training And Induction Video

Why A Training And Induction Video For Your Business ?

Training and induction video provides basic and detailed information for your new employees and keeps the others up to date on the latest information, guidelines and changes of internal policies.
At Black Light Productions, we understand that your company must focus on professional development to retain top employees and to be sure that the staff performs at high-level.
For training to be effective, the audience has to engage the material. That's why training and induction videos does not have to be boring !
We believe in creating content that adresses directly to the viewers.
A well produced training video appears to be a very effective platform for training initiatives and company changes messages.
In terms of staff turnover, induction video is a very efficient and cost effective way for a proper training. It reduces expenses on qualified staff in charge of the training but will also reduce travel expenses substantially, in particular for companies with a national presence.
Above all, a training and induction video provides a standard content, ensuring all your employees receive the same information.

Benefits Of A Training And Induction Video

Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Provides a standard content : all your employees receive the same information
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Gives employees the ability to learn at their own pace and can re-watch it anytime
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Retains your employees and develops their skills and performance
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Training video production costs can be deducted as “qualified expenditure” towards BEE points
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Builds consistency – using the same procedures, the same way, every time
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Reduces travel and qualified staff costs
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Engages immediately with the viewers and gets them actively engaged with the content
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Very efficient platform with a higher viewer retention
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Gives the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Allows to deliver important message
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Makes your brand more professional and uplifts your company profile over the competition
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Cost effective (re-watch anytime, huge lifespan, replace other traditional training tools)

Surveys And Numbers About Training And Induction Videos

Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  The information retained in one minute of a video is equal to about 1.8 million written words
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Video has a life span of 4 years :  It's a great investment
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