71% of Marketers Say Video Conversion Rates Outperform Other Marketing Content

69% of marketers claim they plan on increasing video marketing budgets. Marketers who will fail to incorporate videos into their content marketing strategy may be overlooking a potential goldmine...

Products - Corporate Video and Marketing Video









Company Profile Video

At Black Light Productions, we develop relevant and creative stories which will uplift your company profile over your competitors. A company profile video exposes your brand story and allow your audience to connect with you on a whole new level.


Product Demo Video

A comprehensive product demo video (also called "how to" video) gives customers a virtual experience about a new product or service, allowing them to be familiar with it and to clearly identify all its benefits.


Testimonial Video

Testimonials and positive reviews are extremely valuable tools for conversion on internet. Potential customers have the ability to see how your company has already impacted your current clients. Testimonial videos are building, nurturing and affirming your reputation.


Short Documentary

We are passionate about telling stories and short documentary gives us the space to develop content and ideas that couldn’t fit other corporate video formats. For your repeat customers, it is highly beneficial to provide more in-depth information within a short documentary.


Corporate Event Video

For your product launches, conferences, awards ceremonies, fundraisers, away days and concerts, a corporate event video gives memories for those who were there, as well as inspiring interest in those who were not. It's the perfect advert for your next event.


Recruiting Video

Creating a smart recruiting video is one of the most efficient ways for your company to attract top candidates, to be different from the competition. In a recruiting video you can let your key leaders speak, showcase your company environment and share your values.


Health And Safety Video

A health and safety video gives your employees the ability to easily absorb safety information through a visual demonstration and to review these informations at any time. It enables you to transfer safety content to a global audience.


Training And Induction Video

Training and Induction video provides basic and detailed informations for your new employees and keeps the others up to date on the latest informations, guidelines and changes of internal policies. It appears to be an effective platform for training initiatives and company changes messages.

Solutions - Video Production Process And Expertise








First of all, we arrange a meeting with you and your team. We want to understand your business, your products and services. Tell us which type of corporate video you need, what you expect. We agree on a budget in order to develop the concept.


We do our researches to build a story that truly represents your brand. We choose the design of the project (style, color palette, language, voice over,...). Then we write the script that will engage your audience. We get back to you for your approval.


Once you approved the concept, we launch the pre-production. We break down the script and set up the shooting schedule. We hire the crew and deal with our suppliers. We manage the casting, scouting and permits when required.


And… Action ! Our crew is in charge to shoot the video. Nonetheless, we always supervise the shooting and make sure the footages stick to the concept. We monitor the schedule to finish on time, which also mean… on budget... It’s a wrap !


Post-production starts with the editing : footages are selected and combined into sequences. Music, voiceover and sound design are processed. Visual effects, animations and titles are generated. Anytime, you can ask for revisions to get the perfect video.


We deliver a finished corporate video as per your requirements : DVD, video, internet, file format, resolution, size, compression. Showcase your video and expose your brand and messages wherever you want : Website, YouTube, laptop, conference, email…