Health And Safety Video

Health and Safety Video

Why A Health And Safety Video For Your Business ?

Health and safety regulations ensure employees to operate in a safe environment.
Companies that are focusing on health and safety decrease accidents and injuries among their employees. As a result, insurance expenses are reduced. 
In this sense, you must find a way to engage your employees. You have to deliver an effective content in order to improve workplace conditions.
A health and safety video gives your employees the ability to easily absorb safety information through a combination of audio and visual content. They can review these informations at any time.
Health and safety videos allow you to transfer safety content to a global audience.
Eventually, a well told health and safety video proves how important safety is for your company, how much your employees mean to you.

Benefits Of A Health And Safety Video

Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Decreases accidents and injuries
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Improves workplace conditions
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Reduces Insurance expenses
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Allows employees to absorb complex health and safety informations at their own pace
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Allows employees to view and review the video at any time
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Proves how important safety is for your company, how much your employees mean to you
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Presents the same standard content to all your employees
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Makes your brand look professional
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Uplifts your company profile over the competition
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Demonstrates your company's leadership
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Displays the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Enhances the viewer experience compared to texts and pictures : higher viewer retention
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  A video production is cost effective (re-watch anytime, huge lifespan, replace other traditional communication tools)

Surveys And Numbers About Health And Safety Videos

Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  The information retained in one minute of a video is equal to about 1.8 million written words
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Video has a life span of 4 years :  It's a great investment
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