Corporate Event Video

Corporate Event Video

Why A Corporate Event Video For Your Business ?

A corporate event video is the best way to make sure your one-off occasion has lasting value.
For your product launches, conferences, awards ceremonies, fundraisers, away days and concerts:
It gives memories for those who were there.
It inspires interest in those who were not.
It's the perfect advert for your next event.
The footages of your corporate event are extremely valuable.
Beside being a tangible memory of your company as archives, it can be used to illustrate your next corporate video, short documentary and others !

Benefits Of A Corporate Event Video

Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Adds to your company archives
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Gives memories to your people
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Advertises your next event
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Allows to Re-use the footages within another video
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Reaches audiences globally, boost awareness with a huge brand exposure
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Your website never sleeps : your video is available anytime
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Easy to present to your clients, to re-watch and to share
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Engages immediately with the viewers and gets them actively engaged with your brand
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Audience want to hear more about your company
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Showcases your people and builds trust with the audience
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Builds credibility and relationships
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Makes your brand more professional and uplifts your company profile over the competition
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Demonstrates that your company is a leader
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Increases conversion, generate more business, decide customers to do business with you
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Gives the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Enhances the viewer experience compared to texts and pictures : higher viewer retention
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Adds the wow factor
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Adds quality content to your website
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Increases your ranking on search engines : Google gives more ranking power to online video
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Attracts a larger volume of new visitors and increases your website traffic
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Website visitors are more likely to subscribe to your feed and to follow your recommended links
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Cost effective (re-watch anytime, huge lifespan, replace other traditional marketing tools)

Surveys And Numbers About Corporate Event Videos

Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  The information retained in one minute of online video is equal to about 1.8 million written words
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  The average user spends 88% more time on a website with a video
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Increases your website monthly visitor by 150% on average
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Video has a life span of 4 years :  A great investment
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Globally, video traffic represented 59% of all consumer internet traffic
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  More than 6 million YouTube users in South Africa
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  More than 9,4 million Facebook users in South Africa
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Social media sharing increases by 88% with a video
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  75% of executives watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week
Dot-corporate-video-ConvertImage  Increases by 157% organic traffic from search engines (ranking process)
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