About Us

Hi there,

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit our page.
I want to use these few lines to tell you more “about us” and share my story.

My name is Olivier JC Fauchier and I am the founder and owner of Black Light Productions.
From the South of France, I moved to Paris in 1997 to work in the film industry.

I started as a trainee in 1998 for a German movie.
Thereafter I have been involved in various productions: commercials, documentaries, corporate videos, short films and music videos.

In 2001, I was promoted “assistant location manager”, dealing mainly with music videos and commercials productions.
Two years later, I was asked to work as a “location manager”.
Hard work and dedication got me through all sorts of challenges which always come across during the production process and allowed me to achieve my tasks in a responsive manner.

Then in 2005, the production manager I was working for decided to launch her own production company. I remember meeting Aryane Aryana and her associate, Romain Grumbach, for lunch when they asked me to become their "production manager".

Handling budget, working under pressure and delivering projects on time was now my professional “routine” and made me grow ten times faster than I would!

Aryane, Romain, if you are reading this… “thank you so much for your trust and this fruitful relationship!”

As a free-lancer, I was still contracting with other production companies and had the pleasure to be part of the french team for US blockbuster productions shot in Paris like “The Devil wears Prada”, “Munich”, “Rush Hours 3”, “The Sopranos”, …

So… You might wonder what I am doing in South Africa...
Well, I met my South African wife in Paris in 2007 and decided to settle down here, in Johannesburg.
And therefore going on for my next challenge: launching Black Light Productions, a service production company, focussing specifically on corporate video and video marketing.

With BLP, the vision is to enhance our clients' communication and marketing strategies through powerful video productions.

To achieve this, I still hold the same standards: “Delivering high-end productions on-time and on-budget”

Olivier JC Fauchier.

We Are A Video Production Company

BLP is a video production company in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our Speciality : Corporate Video and Video Marketing.

In connection with your marketing and communication strategies, your training and security programs, we create dynamic corporate videos.

Corporate videos are meant to be played many times and for multiple uses: internally, online (website, youtube, intranet,...) or during your company presentations (trade show, sales meeting, training session,...).

From crew to equipment, scripting to post-production, we provide a full range of services to produce your video.
You don't have to worry about anything during the production process. We do it ALL !

With strong skills and innovative solutions, our team is able to bring to life your projects and ideas.
We use creative filmmaking solutions to achieve any project on time and on budget.
Our shooting crew consists of well known and experienced professionals with many years in film and video production industry.

BLP will always bring its knowledge and diverse experiences to create the perfect video that connects intellectually and emotionally with your audience .

We love what we do, we believe in working hard and we still get excited with every single new project!

More Than 15 Years Of Experience In Film And Video Production

Our Expertise As A Service Production Company Includes

Budget - Research - Concept - Script - Cast - Scout - Shoot - Edit - Animate - Mix - Master - Deliver